Monday, October 26, 2009

Advertising for the Social Cause

Advertising is literally defined as the paid form of communication, meant to influence the viewer to purchase a particular product, service or idea. Daily, we get across several different kind of advertisements in different forms. We see advertisements on television, in newspapers, on the web and everywhere we go out. The media for these advertisements may be different, but they all have the same objective to promote some product, service or political parties.

Advertisers talk about the social and ethical aspects of advertising, but how often we come across an advertisement promoting a social message? Very rarely!! This does not mean that social advertisements are not made. If you search online, you can get many wonderful ads.

Most probabilistic reasons for this may be the reduced or rather negligible monetary benefits and difficulties involved in communicating the message to diverse sections of people, without hurting anybodies sentiments.

"Hurdles exist everywhere, one just needs to overlook and run past them."

Here I try!! :)

This is one of the few print ad's, I could made on "Save girl child" cause. Keep looking at this space for more exciting ads. Looking ahead to make many more. :)